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The story of our Tirolo hotel

It has been a few decades now since we built our Paradies. And yet we still enjoy recalling its beginnings and glance all the way back to the start of the Tirolo hotel - without ever losing sight of the future.

The Cafè-Guesthouse Paradies was built including a restaurant and rooms.
Heidi launches the guesthouse and welcomes her first guests.

In the coming years, not only Heidi and Walla put their heart and soul into the business. The entire family was truly devoted to the well-being of the guests.

Our hotel’s history probably began with the great-grandfather of Christian, the current owner. Seeking his fortune in the world of gastronomy, he ran the Tirolerhof in Tirolo. But he wasn’t able to manage the business all by himself, which is why, with a heavy heart, he had to sell the Tirolerhof. However, he kept the adjoining meadows with their wonderful panoramic view as they were his own little paradise. So they became the namesake for the forthcoming hotel. This is also the place where his granddaughter Heidi finally fulfilled her big dream of a café in Tirolo.

The guesthouse is expanded and transformed into a hotel.

From the very beginning, our family has devoted all its heart and soul to this work. And this has never changed until today. Maybe this is the recipe for our success. Or maybe it’s the marvellous location above Merano. Or even both. But regardless of what attracts our guests to us, their happiness is close to our hearts. For this reason, in 2021 we increased the number of our rooms at the hotel in Merano and environs and added a spa area that also includes a relaxation room and a gym. As you can see, the Paradies never stands still but is constantly developing. However, one thing never changes: the personal character and charm of this place and its people.

Christian takes over the hotel in Tirolo and carries out further renovation and expansion.
A long history, an extraordinary place, a strong family: your Paradies.

We want to be true to this wonderful location in the surroundings of Merano and not only be a mere hotel, but a real holiday home for you. With perspectives, vision and heart.

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