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Gentle, recreational
and individual:
our massages.

Massages at the wellness hotel Tirolo

"I feel as if I
were touched
by an angel,"
Eve says

… as she rises from the massage table. Fine scents still linger in the air, and Eve feels wonderfully rejuvenated. The tensions of everyday life have melted away, and a holistic sense of peace has spread within her. With the massages at our wellness hotel in Tirolo, perfectly tailored to your wishes, you do something good for your body and your mind.

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Relax at the wellness hotel Tirolo

Every person is different. Every one of us has different needs and specific ideas about how to relax. That's why we don't offer standardised treatments, but rather individual feel-good massages. Our massages, lasting 50 minutes, prioritise your wishes. According to your needs and preferences, our massage expert Anna selects the intensity and treatment method to perfectly cater to the unique needs of your body.

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In addition to the massage room, the relaxation treatment can also take place in our olive grove if the weather is good. For this purpose, we have set up a special massage platform, which is separated from the garden with curtains to give you privacy while at the same time incorporating the power of nature into the massage. Fresh air, the gentle sounds of nature, and tension-relieving massage blend to maximize relaxation for your body and mind.

to the garden

Our massage expert Anna offers massages at Hotel Paradies on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. To make sure that you can enjoy a massage at the preferred time and date, we ask you to book your treatment in advance. Treat yourself to wellness luxury!

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Wellness hotel in Tirolo, South Tyrol

It can be so easy to relax. Listen to the singing of the birds in the garden. Watch the clouds in the sky. Or refresh yourself in the pool.