Plenty of sunshine

Dorf Tirol is a lovely village in South Tyrol with a wonderful climate

Perfect for holidays. Located 600 metres above sea level above the spa town of Merano, you can enjoy a splendid panoramic view of the Merano Valley, the Venosta Valley (Vinschgau), the Adige Valley and the surrounding mountains.

A splendid natural landscape, ranging from the sub-Mediterranean flora of the valley floor to the alpine roses on the rocky slopes, the crystal-clear mountain lakes and the summits of the three thousand metre peaks, makes an unforgettable impression. Every day provides a new challenge and offers something new – from the apple blossoms to the symphony of colours in autumn.

Dorf Tirol welcomes you as its guest and asks you to return again and again as a friend.
Castle Tyrol Castle Tyrol Castle Tyrol was the ancestral seat of the counts of Tyrol and gave the land to the north, south and east of the Brenner Pass its name. Extensive analytical research has confirmed the uniqueness of Castle Tyrol as a relic of medieval architecture and building sculpture. Like no other seat of the high nobility, Castle Tyrol is a stony reminder of the history of the region. The wall encircling the castle was built in 1100 and is one of the oldest surviving castle walls anywhere. On the main floor, the two marble portals from the 12th century radiate all their former glory. Rich in symbolic sculptures, they are among the most original Romanesque art creations in Tyrol. The two-storey chapel with its splendid frescoes from the 13th century is home to the oldest stained glass in Tyrol as well as a powerful wood carved model of Christ’s crucifixion made in the 14th century and bears witness to the power and need for prestige of Tyrol’s rulers.

Today, the South Tyrolean Museum of History is housed in the castle. Here you can experience Tyrolean history and art first-hand – from the first settlements in the Alps through the centuries and right up to the present day.
Falknerweg Falknerweg Mr Hans Falkner, a foresighted tourism pioneer from the Ötztal valley, bought a strip of land beneath the village and had a promenade built there measuring around 1 km in length. It begins above the petrol station and leads to the Hotel Mair am Ort at the end of the village.

The view from the promenade is splendid. The entire Merano Valley lies at your feet and Castle Tyrol, Brunnenburg Castle, the ancient church of St. Peter and Thurnstein Castle can be seen. But Mr Falkner didn’t just ensure that the promenade had a splendid view. He also had expert gardeners plant interesting trees and shrubs alongside it. Cypresses, palms, strawberry trees and seasonal flowers make for a beautiful sight.

Anyone arriving at the Hotel Mair am Ort at the end of the promenade is sure to enjoy the splendid view of the surrounding landscape and distant mountains and remember the fine man who established this splendid walkway.

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